Winter Picnic Etyek 2014

The Picnic series of the New Year will start on 18 January in Etyek. This time the organizers did not attach any specific gastronomic label to the event; winter automatically means mulled wine, heavy red wines and pig-killing diners.
Etyek Picnic 2014
19 locations have been advertised with several surprises: in most of the cellars not only the host will be present, but famous winemakers from other regions will be invited, such as Géza Balla from the Arad-ménes region, Szatmári Cellar from Szigliget, Tiffán Cellar from Villány, the Tőkés Family from Mátra, Lajos Gál, Dávid Cellar and Gróf Butler Winery from Eger, Ferenci Cellar from Szekszárd, Csaba Sebestyén, Tamás Dúzsi and the Maurus Cellar from Mór.

Visitors to the Picnic will have the opportunity to taste wide range of gastronomic offers: diner after the pig-killing with roasted piglet, black pudding, sausages, cracklings, venison sausage, lángos (fried garlic bread) and fruit juices. Sweets will be available to finish off the day; hot chocolate and home made strudels.

We must not forget about the champagnes, because conditions in the Etyek region are excellent to make bubbles.

The champagne in Etyek is special: aromas of green apple and white flowers are influenced by a little bit of lime, which intensifies the taste. Acids are lively, bubbles are small and fine and alcohol does not dominate the medium body of this champagne.

Date: 18 January, 2014

Location: Etyek

Programs of the Winter Picnic:

Gradowski Estate

Afternoon concert given by Boda Pisti and the Hedonist Team.
Stiffed cabbage and variations on mulled wine


Garaguly Estate and Wine Cellar

Géza Balla Cellar (Arad-hegyalja), Maurer Cellar (Domaszék)


Milán Cellar

Spirit tasting, home mage strudel and lángos


Gourmet Point

Venison sausage, mangalica (lean, native Hungarian pig) products, and lángos


Gombai Estate

Wine-tasting and champagne exhibition
Fresh, home made savory scones and strudel


Cellar of László Árpás Master Ham Maker

Szatmári Family Cellar (Szigliget), Ede and Zsolt Tiffán Cellar (Villány)
Roasted piglet, duck from wood-fired oven, roasted lamb, ham tasting


Halmi Cellar

Home-made fruit juices, cakes, mulled wine, kid’s punch, tea, baked apple
Exhibition and sale of hand-made man and women bracelets and necklaces inspired bysailing


Saint Orbán Cellar

Tasting of home made lángos and fruit juices


Zarándok (Pilgrim) Cellar

 Tamás Szecskő Cellar (Mátraalja)
 Gábor Karner Artisan Winery (Mátraalja)
 Losonci Cellar (Mátraalja)

Kácsor „Kíra” Cellar

 Lajos Gál Cellar (Eger)
Goat cheese, mulled wine, bread with goose-crackling pate, ham and strudel


Debreczeni Cellar

Ferenczi Vineyard (Szekszárd)
Traditional pig-killing with tasting
Tasting of wines from Etyek and Szekszárd


Krisán Cellar

Gróf Buttler Winery (Eger), Tamás Dúzsi Cellar (Szekszárd)
Zurgó – stories from Moldva, folk music; Bercel Nagy storyteller
Szabolcs Róka folk singer and storyteller


Fonó Présház (Press-house)

Gergely Agócs – storyteller for the young and not-so-young

Rókusfalvy Estate

Sebestyén Cellar (Szekszárd), Dávid Wine House (Egerszalók)
Sajnaroli and rana concert
Acoustic Loops band


Buzál-Mórocza Cellar

 Mulled wine, bread with lard


Télikék Cellar

 Maurusz Winery (Mór)



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